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New Addition

Le Fondant

This new cookie is actually not a cookie, it’s a chocolate fondant and it’s dangerously delicious!

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sustainability is important to us

Our cookies are wrapped in recyclable and compostable plastic free pouches


I wanted to say how delicious your luxurious cookies are... as a gluten intolerant I find the gluten free available so, so limited...when I discovered your brand I felt like winning the biscuit lottery...it's fantastic you're using sustainable eco packaging...I feel your brand is strong...


The salt on your almond cookies is perfect 😍 although very mysterious thing keep happening...the cookies keep disappearing...weird 😬🤭


I can't believe it's vegan and gluten free. They taste even better than the normal cookies.


Excellent cookies, awesome hazelnut spread and brilliant granola! WOW! Really. 👏👏 Will definitely order again, thank you!


Never could tell they are gluten free and since I have been GF I haven't found a cookie as good as this! I was planning to save them but i just ate 2 in one go already 🙈


I love it so much, trying not to eat my delivery all at once. I just tried the hazelnut spread and it was mind blowing.